The Warm-up

Sound. It is the key to our ear's existence, but every few hundred millennia or so, sound skips forward. And for a sound that evolved, you'll need to get your ears ready.

The Effect

Earth shatteringly pure, high quality sound that will make your eyes jealous of your ears and your ears wish they could be your eyes, if only for a moment, to shed a single tear. This is evolved sound and it will change your ears forever.

Warning: Listening to High-Res Audio without proper preparation may cause uncontrollable weeping of the ears.

The Products

The second your ears experience the perfectly nuanced sound that only Sony can deliver you'll know there's no going back and you wouldn't want to if you could. That's why no matter where you are or what you're doing, we've got a way for you to hear the audio you crave.


Think you know what a party sounds like? Think again. Turn up one of these Bluetooth® speakers and you'll be so blown away by the air filling High-Res sound that you'll never want to hear whatever you were listening to before again. Add to that a sleek compact design and you've basically got a party in a really good-looking box.


Hear the soundtrack to your life the way it was always meant to be heard. You might be heading to work on the bus, sporting these ridiculously comfortable and stylish High-Res Audio headphones, but your ears will swear they're in the front row of the greatest concert of their lives.


If your ears could see, it wouldn't matter because they'd never believe that the room-filling, perfectly detailed, high quality sound they're hearing was coming from such a compact space saving soundbar. Combine that with the high definition visuals of HDTV and you don't have home entertainment - you have home exhilaration.

The Science

You might have guessed it, but creating the evolved sound of High-Res Audio isn't exactly easy. In fact, you pretty much have to be obsessed. Luckily we are. We never stop developing new technologies to bring your listening experience to the next level. It's basically all we think about. We probably couldn't even stop if we wanted to... because we're obsessed.

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