Sony 4K: Like Nothing You've Ever Experienced

There are 4K Ultra HD TVs, and then there is Sony’s flagship 4K Ultra HD TV with four times the clarity of HD, more brilliant expanded color and up to 3x the brightness range of standard LED HDTVs.

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Feel the beauty of everything you watch with Sony's TV's

Built on the legacy of its history of innovation in TV technology, Sony's goal is clear with its latest lineup of HD TVs: deliver the most immersive home entertainment experience, with the highest picture quality, regardless of the content or source. From the XBR 4K Ultra HD series, with four times the resolution of Full HD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels), to the W and R series of HD LED TVs, Sony TVs deliver an incredible home viewing experience.

XBR Series

The XBR series is Sony's top-of-the-line TV for picture quality.

From $2,299.99

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W Series Premium

Immerse yourself in Full HD with a breathtaking picture.

From $1,999.99

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W Series

Brilliant color, Pro-grade detail and a picture as real as life itself.

From $599.99

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R Series

Brightness and clarity for the living room, bedroom or office.

From $329.99

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Edge LED | Direct LED

Direct LED

X-tended Dynamic Range

Picture Engine

Motion Flow


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Advanced Network

  • One-Flick Entertainment

  • Social Viewing

  • Video Chat

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  • One-Flick Entertainment

  • Social Viewing

  • Video Chat

  • Live Tweet

  • One-Flick Entertainment

  • Social Viewing

  • Live Tweet

Experience Picture Perfection

Big, bold and beautiful—embrace the ultimate expression of BRAVIA picture quality with unequalled detail. Three key features combine to create an amazing picture that makes movie-watching unforgettable: X-tended Dynamic Range provides twice the brightness, the TRILUMINOS Display delivers rich, vivid colours, and X-reality PRO ensures stunning detail.


Best color ever - it’s never been so real

BRAVIA brings all the color you’ve dreamed of. Evoke the emotion in every scene with rich, vivid reds and emerald greens. You’ll also get fabulous results if you’re viewing photos and videos captured by cameras and camcorders from Sony with TRILUMINOS Color.

X-tended Dynamic Range PRO

Best brightness ever – capturing every shade of light

With higher peaks and deeper blacks, Sony's unique backlighting algorithm lets you see a brightness range three times wider than a conventional LED TV. Experience true brilliance in every scene, where each and every blade of grass is visible.

X-Reality PRO

Whether you're watching 4K, HD or any other resolution, everything's upscaled beautifully with the powerful picture processing engine.

Motionflow XR

Even quick-moving action sequences appear realistic as Motionflow XR technology takes motion clarity beyond refresh rates.

Wedge Form Factor

Enjoy simplicity of form and function in a large TV. The essential new shape of BRAVIA blends aesthetics with functional beauty. The small footprint saves space, while sound is enhanced by larger speaker capacity. Connections are simpler with the port replicator that helps manage all your cables.