E-mount and A-mount Lens Formats

Sony offers two lines of interchangeable lenses. Both the A-mount and E-mount lines deliver excellent results; lenses in the E-mount format are generally smaller and therefore, lighter.

Precision E-mount Lenses

E-mount lenses are specifically designed for the E-mount line of cameras which don’t use mirrors at all. The mirrorless configuration means these cameras are often more compact and very portable.

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Premium A-mount Lenses

Designed for Sony’s full-size SLT cameras, this extensive range meets the challenges of both enthusiasts and professional photographers. An adaptor allows you to use A-mount lenses with E-mount bodies.

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Lens Compatibility

Lens Accessories

Protect and enhance your lens investment with a wide range of accessories.

Lens Filters

A filter can add interesting optical effects as well as protect your lens from damage.

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Mount adapters

Use your A-mount lenses on E-mount camera bodies with these adapters.

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